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Are your tires under deflated or worn passed their specified tread depth?

Tires are one of the most important components on your vehicle. They perform any action you direct your vehicle to take including acceleration, turning, and braking. In order for your vehicle to perform correctly, and for the safety of the driver and passengers, you must have the correct tires. They need to be properly inflated and have adequate tread depth for your vehicle and driving style. At the Meccanic Shop we offer wide variety of tire choices and the expertise to help you select the correct tire for your vehicle and driving style.

Tire Tech:

Tire Rotation:

Rotating your tires every 6,000 miles is critical to the extended life of your tires. Not rotating your tires can cause excessive uneven wear, and shorten their life span. If your tires are worn unevenly you may have to replace them in pairs, which can affect the handling of your vehicle. Tires should ideally be replaced as a set, so the balance of your vehicle is not disrupted.

Tire Inflation:

Maintaining the correct tire pressure recommended by your vehicles manufacturer and tire manufacturer is essential for your tire’s performance. That performance directly impacts fuel economy, tire durability and driver comfort.

Summer Tires:

Summer tires are an ideal choice for a driver who is performance orientated and demands the maximum amount of traction from their tires. The right summer tire for your vehicle will provide a level of performance in dry and wet conditions that is unsurpassed by any all-season or snow tire.

When selecting a summer tire it is important to keep in mind that they are not intended to be used in snowy or icy conditions. A separate set of tires will be required for winter driving.

All-Season Tires:

All-season tires are a great option for a driver who intends to own a single set of tires for their vehicle and does not require exceptional performance in dry or snowy conditions. All-season tires will generally provide a higher gas mileage rating then a summer tire or snow tire due to its harder compound, and will also last longer then certain summer tires.

Snow Tires:

Winters in the northeast can bring a variety of weather, which can cause hazardous driving conditions. The correct snow tire can provide the necessary traction to ensure a safe passage when the weather is less then ideal.

Snow tires are designed with a softer rubber compound, which is ideal for driving in the colder winter months. Snow tires also have a larger, wider and deeper tread pattern to provide the added traction needed on snow covered roads.

Snow tires are must have item for anyone who plans to do an extended amount of driving on snow and ice covered roads, even if their vehicle is equipped with all-wheel drive, traction-control and ABS. In fact, these added safety features will not work if the tires of the vehicle cannot provide adequate traction.

Heavy Duty Tires:

Heavy duty tires are necessary for a truck or SUV, since they are designed to carry the extra weight of the vehicle and the cargo the vehicle may be carrying or towing. Heavy duty tires are also designed for the various driving conditions a truck or SUV may encounter that a car may not. Therefore, it is critical to select the correct tire for your truck or SUV. The wrong tire can delaminate from excessive weight, or wear incorrectly risking a blowout.

Wheel Repair:

  • In house welding and heat treating of cracked wheels
  • Refinishing and painting
  • Powder Coating
  • CNC resurfacing

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